I am new to the welding hobby. I have had my MM 211 for a couple of weeks now, and just got through building some angle iron horses so I don't always have to work from the floor.

One of the main reasons I wanted my own welder was so I could build my garage furniture so I can actually create enough space to work comfortably in and occasionally park my truck in it.

I have drawn out plans for a shelf system that is 7' wide, 18" deep, and about 6' high. I am wanting to use 1.5 inch square tubing with a 14 gauge wall. The way I have designed it, I would build four shelves 7'x18" and separate them with 17.5" tubes. I would not have a bottom shelf, but cut some plate for the feet to stabilize it a little more. I will be using 3/4" plywood for the shelves attached with screws with welded on tabs.

My concern is how much weight it will hold before I start seeing bowing in the shelves, and if I should be bracing the shelves at the center point as well. I won't be putting massive items on the shelves, but I am curious to what it's limitations would be. I might be moving into a larger place and would carry the design over if this one works out.