On my 15-1-1 HF box I am still having weak output, points are new with little if any improvement. The unit has (2) caps part C2 that is .002 uf and 5000 VDC and one C4 .001uf 6000VDC. Looks like the C4 serves to keep HF from going back to Power supply, the C2ís are for generating the HF. Book says unit will run on a single C2 with reduced gap, gave that a try on each neither made much difference. Also read if the C4 goes bad it can reduce the spark. I dropped it out for a moment no difference.
One thing that might be a cause not sure here, with or without the power supply hooked up or with or without it powered the gas valve will open if activated, using the remote switch, striking arc, ending weld or just plain anything the gas never stops flowing before or after. If I turn the gas switch off the gas stops flowing. That tells me the gas valve is working, just not responding to whatís going on with welding/torch control or timer. Is it possible something is shorting across the welding leads in the box? I see some small caps, resistors and a rectifier in the mix on the print.
Any help would be great.