I've had a Miller 212 in my sights for a few months now. I do 99% tig but as we all know a mig is handy too.

Well about a month ago I picked up a Lincoln SP-170T at an auction for cheap. It worked fine and I was glad to have a mig.

Well yesterday I went to another auction. They had a Millermatic 185 (I think that was the number) w/ a spool gun. It was in great shape, but I though It might go for $6-700, and I was prepared for $750. Well it went for $1200!!!

Next lot was a Lincoln Wirematic 255 with a spoolgun. A bit older but decent. I got it for $700, brought it home, and it works fine on both steel and aluminum.

On one hand I'm happy with it, plenty of power, low cost, but I wish it was blue.

I do have a Dynasty, though, and I like it better