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Thread: First project

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    Default First project

    Well this took me a lot longer than I thought it would but I learned much! I still have to make a drawer for it to keep tungsten and stuff in. I want all my welding stuff to be in one place. I would defiantly appreciate any suggestions/tips/criticism as this is the first thing I have ever really made and am new to welding.

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    Looks fine to me .....functional and cool looking NIIIICCCCE
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    Cool I Like It !!!

    looks great.
    wish mine was as cool. 8^((
    i still need to add a drawer to mine also.
    you might consider a place to sicure the torch a bit better. the hose holder looks like it might let a loop flop off dropping the torch to the ground and ending the cup's or cap's life. or even just hitting the leg of your welding table could break the cup with it sticking out the side.
    i suspect a nice coat of Miller blue paint is no order.
    i made mine out of aluminum so no paint for me. i needed the practice and beat of all the aluminum was free.

    welcome to the site and congratulations on getting the new Dyn.
    Attached Images Attached Images
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped

    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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    Default looks good

    A unique and functional design.

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    Jan 2008


    Hi there! New welder here! I just wanted to know how you got the round base support for the tank including the midbody support. I'm planning for my first welding cart but can't figure out how to fabricate that. It looks to me like it was cut from a big metal pipe. Thanks in advance//Jo

    Awesome cart btw

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    Jan 2008


    Thanks for all the comments, it looks better in pictures when yo cant get that close!

    fun4now: I totally agree about the hook I noticed that last night when I put everything on it.

    storm: I just bend some 1 1/2" x 1/8" strap. Most carts I have seen use a chain and I dont really like that. I dont have many tools for fabrication yet so I just bent the strap around the bottle and over my knee. It's not totally round. If you know some one with a slip roller that would be excellent. For the top one I used a weldable hinge I picked up at the local welding supply shop. One half of the circle is fixed and the other half is welded to the hinge. Leave a little room rather than making it all a perfect fit as I was told some bottles are a little bigger than others so when you exchange it the new one might not fit.

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