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    thanx fun4now

    gonna get a hot shower and straight to bed so im fit for another sesh tomoro!

    ma heids a bit mangled with all the advice i was given today.

    hav a good night whatever ur up to xxx

    here a wee joke i thought was funny...... no offence to the irish. its just banter.

    paddy weighs 20st so his doctor puts him on a diet " i want u to eat regularly for 2 days then skip a day and repeat this for 2 weeks. u should lose 5lbs".
    when paddy returned he shocked the doctor by losing 4st. "thats amazing" the doc said.... paddy nodded...."il tell u be jesus, i taut i was gonna die by da third day!"
    "what from, hunger?" said the doc......"no from the fcukin skipping!!"

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    Ha Ha!! LMAO!!! he he.

    gotta tell it to the wife and mom inlaw they'll love it. their as Irish as pattys pig
    traded the MM180 in for a MM212
    lots room here for more machines like, a Plasma cutter oooohh yeah!
    tinkerer with many talents,master of none

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    aye toecutter, its a good one i think....
    well another nite of hardly any sleep. ****, i really want to pass this test. nvr been so nervous about one before!
    woke up to snow this morning. WOO HOO!!!! will speak later and tell u how ma training goes today.
    take care all. xxxx

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    Remember that the only limitations in life are the ones you put on yourself!
    Flash me! I'm a welder.

    American by birth, Union by choice! Boilermakers Local 60

    America is a Union

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    hi guys.
    im leaving today at two to go and do the test for tuesday dont no if i will get access to a computer to let u no my results but as soon as i do i will get back to u.

    was training for 11 hours yesterday, flat out all day with just a ten minute break. hardly slept again the night before so was so tired. when i came home last nite, my dad asked how i got on and i burst out crying!! think it was with all the concentration all day and just trying so hard. am ok now tho.

    the guy training me was absolutely amazing! he has helped me so much and stayed back 3 hours without pay just to help me. i cannot put into words how greatful i am.
    he thinks i will pass. did the stainless 2" and the root is going in perfect. cld do with a little more wire in it tho. its so hard on the awkward side but im managing. just the cap isnt looking to good now but i think its because of the heat. not letting it cool enough.
    will get back to u when i can

    best wishes

    thanx for everything everybody xxxxx

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    British Columbia


    good luck ........................
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    Quote Originally Posted by girly_welder View Post
    if i pass that means ill be good enough for the job (thats what the test is for) if i fail, i obviously need more practice. please help if you can xx
    If you pass, it means you did it right just one time. On the job, you may be expected to do it right EVERY time. There's quite a difference, considering that when on the job, they won't have every weld in the best position, easy to get to, etc.

    Keep in mind that if you fail and don't get the job, you may never get another shot at testing for them. If you get in welding brackets, it may allow you to get the time it takes to get good enough to take the pipe test.

    Post up pics when you can!!

    WHen I took my first pipe test, I cut the weld out with a porta-band. I still have it somewhere...or at least I hope I do. That's been about 20 years ago.

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    Default welding ss pipe in 6g

    I'm currently just learning how to weld schedule 10 ss pipe. I dont believe anyone can pass a 6 g test or even a 1 g position without many hours of practice, and hands on supervision with a skilled instructor. thicker pipe is more forgiving but its still easy to burn up. welding carbon steel cant prepare someone for stainless. it's a whole new animal. when adjusting the heat instead of bumping up the amps 10 at a time. its best to go maybe 2 amps at a time to dial in the correct heat. then you may need to crank the argon up to 35 depending on the cup to keep the pipe cool. If you dont have a gas lens. i wouldn't even try. Basicly i'm more inclined to believe any ufo pictures you may have taken durring a vacation, then to even consider the posibility that someone can weld stainless in any position and pass a welding test. you better be fast walking the cup if you're welding hot, or the pipe is going to be black instead of gold. it takes a long time to learn how to walk the cup properly in a strait line with out long arcing or touching the pipe or filler rod with the tungsten. you can bet any pipe under preasure is going to be xrayed.

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    Default Tig Welding..........

    Ok.............Listen...........Helic- Arc -welding is an ART.........ya don't learn it over night.........I sat on the bench for 3 years before I got some what good at listen to me 3 Years ...........again don't wanna burst ur bubble........... but if you haven't helic-arc much .....UR GOING ANYWHERE.........takes a ton of practice ........Kids a pro here.........don't waste your time to make ur self look advice...........

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    How did you make out, hopefully you did ok.


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