hi guys.
thanx for ur comments. its not too late as i never slept i wink last nite till about 6 this morning cos i was worrying so much, so nvr went in to do the training today. also when i did get up i remembered i had to collect money from the credit union today cos its closed tomoro and im away sunday. its all a bit of a disaster really.
called the training guy and he was fine about it and said just come in tomorro no bother. if im doing well he said hed stay back for an extra hour or so for more experience which is ace. so early nite tonight for sure!!

i will get in touch with my mates who are already on the job and find out the procedure and any other specifications that i will need.

wen i was at that company up north i managed to walk the torch quite well and found that if u do use too much pressure it tends to slip a way up the pipe so id hold it just lightly and then it worked no bad. yeah, ive experienced the sore hand after a days practice. this is probably more because my technique isnt at its best yet.

yeah the tailing off is quite important (as with any welding) so i will be sure and do that. the boy teaching me before said i wasnt spreading the metal enough at first and it would cos me problems in future so when welding now my mind keeps telling me to spread more. seems to work or mabay im just mad!!

i promise to keep u posted on the outcome of my quest to pass this darn test.

thanks again so much for ur replies.

lorraina xx