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    Jan 2008

    Default help needed urgently!!!

    please can all u tig welders help.
    i hav a test on monday doing a 2" stainless pipe in the 6g position and hav had no experience with this atall. the test is an 8 hour drive away from where im at so am really keen to get any info or tips to pass it. my experience with tig is not much and i know i shld hav more experience to do this test but times are hard and im desperate for a job.
    im going for training tomoro for 8 hours so can put ur advice into practice.
    its more the root and the hotpass i think im goin to struggle with so any info with these runs will be so greatly appreciated.
    thankyou so much in advance
    will keep u posted on how i get on tomoro.

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    Feb 2007
    Springfield, MO

    Default your are kidding?

    your kiddding right? when i decided to become a certified welder for a major oilfield company that i work for, i practiced welding pipe in 6G position for over a year before i took the test!!! not even taking into account i've been welding since the age 14 & worked as a "pipe fitter" for 2 years prior to taking the test. my words of advice is do not take the test unless you know without a doubt that your going to pass it. i work in a refinery that has miles & miles of pipes, some of which has 8500 psi. it would scare me to death at the thought of someone with no experiance had made some of those welds. sorry if i sound rude. good luck!

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    Nov 2006
    Hampton, Va.


    Good luck, but handirod is absolutely right, you need more time with tig as eight hours is not enough.


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    Jun 2006
    milwaukee wi


    Been a pipefitter welder for 28 years and an inspector for 18, the other guys are right, the weld tech will know if you know your stuff in 30 seconds, learn everything you can in those 8 hours and remember it.
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    Jan 2008

    Default its too soon i know!!

    just before xmas there i was at a company learning the tig for 2 months. the gaffer and the boy teaching me were delighted wi how much i progressed in that time. im a perfectionist when it comes to doing my job, everything i do has to be spot on or im not happy. ive been doing x-ray work with the mig for a few years now and been the main repairer for the worst failures on ships as im pretty small and very consciencous at what i do. i know it is very soon but ive got to start somewhere. the superintedant inspector on the job knows me from a past employment and has said not to worry about a thing as theres pipe brackets i can do if i fail. i dont want to do this tho.(he knows my experience with tig). my plan is to go, so any encouraging advice is most welcome.
    if i pass that means ill be good enough for the job (thats what the test is for) if i fail, i obviously need more practice. please help if you can xx

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    Default Go for the Flat !!

    You might want to go for the flat, if you roll the work as you weld. As for the ship hulls welding, Sometimes those welds are done at a dock as a ship is taking on cargo by a commercial diver and sometimes the diver can do underwater a better weld then a surface welder but in most cases, not. Again depends on their experience. I have helped another diver weld but he had to be certified by Lloyd's for insurance purposes.


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    Oct 2006


    Quote Originally Posted by girly_welder View Post
    if i pass that means ill be good enough for the job (thats what the test is for) if i fail, i obviously need more practice. please help if you can xx
    If you pass, it means you did it right just one time. On the job, you may be expected to do it right EVERY time. There's quite a difference, considering that when on the job, they won't have every weld in the best position, easy to get to, etc.

    Keep in mind that if you fail and don't get the job, you may never get another shot at testing for them. If you get in welding brackets, it may allow you to get the time it takes to get good enough to take the pipe test.

    Post up pics when you can!!

    WHen I took my first pipe test, I cut the weld out with a porta-band. I still have it somewhere...or at least I hope I do. That's been about 20 years ago.

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