Goodmorning guys. I finally got my initial TIG setup yesterday. I bought the MAXSTAR STL 150 couple of weeks ago. I'm still getting the hang of coordinating rod dipping and tungsten movement. I'm just so scared to get electrecuted touching the rod on the tungsten.

A little about myself. I just started stick welding 2 weeks ago and Tig yesterday. I work full time and my sched doesn't fit any of the adult classes in town . I rented Corvell's Tig welding and am using it as a guide for now. I would appreciate you guys input to improve my skills.

here's my setup:
Maxstar 150 around 15 cf flow Argon. 1/16" RED Tungsten, 1/16" rod, amps range from 120 down to 45 from right to left. No foot control (Just ordered one last night, after these practice, I felt it's a necessity for tigging. I had to lift the torch almost 5 inches off the plate to cut the arc. By then, the post flow has no protective effect on the piece.



Thanks guys, Jo