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    Quote Originally Posted by Sberry View Post
    There could be several factors as to why the previous owner didnt have problems or the other way around. Even minor differences between breakers. How sturdy the service is, wire size, etc could have difference especially when the supply is so marginal anyway. As you said, the machine is meant to last you a lifetime, it would likely be worth the effort to insure the wiring is adequate vs limping it along. Get a number 6 wire and be good to go.
    What is the duty cycle of your welder? I want to play with numbers. Give the specifics of transformer size, (it will have two digit visible from the ground), length of service drop. Length of service cable, length of feeder, Length of circuit conductors, with size of each. There is a good chance a 250 needs more than #6. That is why they don't supply cords.

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    Default PFC Disconnect

    Quote Originally Posted by Drf255 View Post
    PFC was the problem. The miller people are great. Let the machine idle for over an hour today. TIG'd steel, stick welded at 150 dcen and dcep, and ran around 6 feet of bead on 3/16" Aluminum at 175 amp max with no problems whatsoever.
    I'm curious on how you resolved your breaker blowing problem as I may have a similar problem. Were the capacitors found to be defective or was it just that the idle amps was too high with the PFC? Did you simply disconnect the wires to the capacitors?

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    I would suspect he disconnected the PFC caps.

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