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    Quote Originally Posted by KEENAVV View Post
    Mark all sides with a speed square and clamp a piece of scrap for a guide.
    Thanks on the marking all sides and cutting with my plasma.

    I mostly do Chop saw, but then I have to dress the cut. Yes I have to dress the cut on the plasma but that rarely takes more than a few passes with the wheel to clean it up.

    Now that I know its ok I will let the requirement of precision of fitment dictate the plasma/chop saw.

    Thanks all
    Scottsdale, AZ

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    Default Method of cutting metal

    Although applications vary I have over the past couple of years grown to love the metal cutting circular saw, I have found a lot of uses for it that I would have normally used other methods that take longer and require clean up afterwards. These saws are wonderful,I have two of them and wouldn't trade them for anything.

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