Now you've pissed me off with your juvenile comments.

If you didn't want to hear the truth, then don't ask the freaking question.

Just so you understand, I'm not exactly a newbie when it comes to performance boats. I was racing inboard hydros at 125 MPH+ when I was nine years old. I drove for OMC as one of their factory drivers from 1959-1966. Carl Kiekhaefer, former president of Mercury Marine offered me the job in January 1967 that Reggie Fountain later took in August of that year. That was to drive at Lake X, which was Mercury's high performance test center.

Don Aronow, the founder of Cigarette, Magnum, Donzi, Blue Thunder, and a few other brands of performance boats was a very close personal friend of mine. I was in his shop in N. Miami Beach in 1974 when Doc McGue set the Miami to New York speed record. Up until about four years ago I worked with the dealer for Fountain Powerboats for Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina.

In short, I'm no stranger to performance boats and what goes into them.

The "hokie" seat arrangement you described sounds like something you'd see on a 12' aluminum jon boat with an electric motor, not something with 600+ HP.