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    Normally there are two bolts, one for the adjustable jaw to pivot on, the other to set the angle. Set angles from the adjustable jaw face to the blade as the degree thingy is normally never correct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by droptopgt View Post
    Hey this might be a stupid question, but does anyone know why there are always two bolts on the thing that sets angles on metal chop saws and the proper way to set them? Do you guys just loosen one and keep the other still, or do you loosen both and set it at for example 45 degrees and hope its the right angle?

    For example, i had to set my angles at 22 1/2 degrees for some welding and i had to cut a piece on my regular wood chop saw and use that as a guide everything and it gets annoying, there has to be some secret to use of the two bolts? Thanks in advance..
    Here's a Chop Saw Plans I bought off of Ebay and found out after the fact that they are on the net for free. Here's some pictures of The one I built. It piviots the Whole base so you don't have to turn the whole piece of steel. Look at the saw I have its a cold chop saw blade doesn't give when I've cut angels.
    If I'm cutting a lot of the same angle I use the Dayton Horizantal Band Saw.
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    I have what my Big Bro JESUS has Blessed me with:
    Miller 251,Miller Syncro 180,Miller 625 Plasma Cutter
    Want to Buy a Miller PC-300
    Dayton 7"x12" Horiziontal Band Saw, Dewalt 14" Abrasive,& Cold Chop Saws,4' Box/Pan Brake,Also A Complete Wood Shop. Now alls I need is a bigger shop!

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