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Thread: offroad bumper

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    how thick is the material you used ? i have a tacoma and don't want to go to heavy ( weight wise )

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    I like the bumper, it looks well built.

    I fabricated a full replacement for a friend's Ranger a while back outta 1/8" diamond plate with a 3" pipe, 1/4" wall for support. End result was around 100 lbs and hardly dropped the front suspension any.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jessehornberger View Post
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    Just Started building a bumper for my jeep this week. I used foam sheets to template and find the shape i wanted and from there it was to the plate of steel, plasma cutter, and tig welder!
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    Hey Jesse! It's your fellow Dedoes welder... Guess who... Hint I always turn your tig welder off right before you start a bead....

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    Gilbert, AZ, USA

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