I've got a few months to kill before spring when I'll get busy around the house and acreage (not to mention a new baby coming in May ) so I've been wanting another project to occupy my time and keep me out of trouble. I've always wanted a smaller enclosed trailer. I already have an 18' open car trailer and me and my buddies have a 48' tripple axle enclosed race trailer. I was thinking of something along the lines of 6' X 12'. Something to haul stuff home from Home Depot, Menards and such. Some mowers when needed, and eventually a couple of ATV's to the trails (once the boy arrives and grows a little ) and lord knows what else.

Since Dave seems to be the resident expert on trailers, what should I make the frame out of? I know your thoughts on overbuilding a trailer but would hate to overload it. I searched for some pictures and know what I like (Overkills trailer is awesome BTW). Just looking for a little advice. I've ordered from Champion trailer in the past and they seem to have very good service, unless someone knows of anyone better. If anyone has pics or thoughts, please post or you can send them directly to me: