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Thread: My first smoker

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    Default My first smoker

    well here it is, hope yall like it. Please give feedback I would really like to know how i can improve it for the next time. It took me about 40 hours and i had a blast doing it. I tig welded the 7/8 inch thick bolts for the axles and to move this beast is hard but the guy i built it for did not want it on a trailer. i ended up charging the guy 1200 plus parts.
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    here is the smoker with the door closed

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    Looks good. Have you or the guy you built it for used it yet? The firebox vent looks a little on the small side and I like to mount my chimney higher with a damper on top. But Id like to know if it works well were you mounted it. Tom37 has posted some great info on venting of BBQ and Smoker fireboxes. Your right it is a blast building BBQs.

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    Looks good.
    Having the stack low like that creates a swirl inside the pit. They cook nice like that. I sometimes put false walls inside to do the same thing when actually mounting low doesn't work.

    I do agree that the stack seems a bit small. Big dia with a damper gives more control.

    Looks real good though
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    this was my first and i was not sure how big to build the stack but i did make it low so it would swirl. Ill ask my buddy how its venting and the opening on the fire box it screws in and out so it will let a good amount of air but again Ill ask him and thanks alot for the advice guys. Glad yall like it

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