Wanted a universal work-station/bench with casters so I can move it around the garage. I donít have lots of space and anything with wheels always seems to work out well. The idea is that Iíll be able to use it for a number things - weld table/work station - steel top/wood top - mount a vise/small brake, etc. etc.

Size is 24" x 48" by 34" tall (before casters) kind of around a larger Snap-on box. A bit on the high side for my old tall (and heavy) chin-chin vise.

Goobered-up the welds, never welded 1/8" tube before. Put .030 wire in the machine and cranked it up so I think they are strong - just not very pretty (more grinding). Hard to judge penetration on that dark square tubing with no experience. The idea is to attach whatever material, removable tops to that. In the photo above, still need to weld caster plates to the bottom and drill/tap. Never mind the photo perspective, top/sides seem square within an 1/8".

That red Rustoleum is not exactly powder coat but hey it's just a work bench after all.

Disposable maple plywood top and shelf in place - maybe brush on some linseed oil so the dirt and grease don't soak in as much. Good for now, I'll make some accessories as I go along.