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    Jan 2008

    Default any female welders here??

    just wondered if theres any girl welders on here. im at a lonely point as ive been doing this job for 8 years now and never come across another one. no offence guys. pm me if there is for a wee girl chat. cheers xx

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    Mar 2007
    Vero Beach, fl.


    Look up Cat and Weldress in the members list, they are both on here and both do some awesome sculptures. Welcome aboard, Dave
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    Thumbs up Welcome!


    I am a High School Welding Teacher... I have 5 girls in class this year. I think that is great!

    You said you have been in welding for 8 yrs, what do you do? Just curious...


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    Jan 2008


    thanx dabar39. i will look them up.
    hoellowyo... im a shipyard welder over here in scotland. do mostly mig and mma but am trying my best to learn the tig at the moment. its a bit of a nuisance tho cos i hav to work away, make some money then stop working to learn it.(spent all my savings on an expensive car!!)
    there is no girl welders over here that ive had the chance to work with especially in the contracting world, so am kind of stuck with the patter from the bears. living, working and drinkin with them can be a bit much after a while. they look after me an that but a bit of female company would be nice for a change as i dont see much of my friends when im working away. good speakin t ya xx

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    So. Cal

    Default Hello Lass

    I'm from Dumfries and came to the states in 71. Where abouts are you?

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    Oct 2007


    Hey always happy to see girls anytime anywhere Actually one of the best TIG welders I ever saw was a girl (no kidding). Don't give up on the TIG it takes a while but now it's about all I do and really enjoy it. Scotland huh? my ancestors were from Scotland

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