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    Default Seam Welding PLUS a cage....

    Porsche GT3

    Race cars endure incredible forces during a crash... it used to be common practice to seam weld every lap and butt joint on the car... these days I see more and more that forgo that time consuming hundreds of hours on the rottis....

    Ugly..... but is a perfect illustration of why a race car should have
    every seam on the tub tig welded along its length in and out to insure
    integrity.... not relying on the spot welds alone.. to have it
    unfold like the buttons ripped from a cheap shirt... (a cage alone is not
    enough, and this lacked even that)

    Aside from being drunk.. the
    guy did not know how to drive that tail happy GT3.... traditional tail
    first death slide......

    Porsche builds one of the strongest well tied together chassis in the business but spot welds alone are not enough to hold a car together and dissipate the forces..
    these pictures are hard to look at... the car was reduced to shredded scrap..
    (pics from
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