Any guys located in London, UK would like to meet to maybe build some project/s as a hobby or commercially?

Let me introduce myself:
I have something like a college degree (I think that probably is the most similar equivalent in the UK) on Telecoms, but I've been in workshops using manual and power tools for wood and metal since very young doing mainly hobby projects.
I moved to London about 7 years ago, I couldn't avoid having a workshop with lots and lots of tools, equipment and books for electronics, electricity and light metalworking, looking to incorporate a small lathe, milling machine, etc. (Ebay it's an addiction).
It is really impossible for just one person to run a business like I pretend, which includes learning new things very often, doing the numbers, the work itself, etc plus it is quite hard to be on my own all the time, so it will be great if I can meet some other enthusiasts. To be honest I quite dislike to work together with guys who don't really enjoy what they do. I am not sure if I will find such a person/s so I also consider getting a job somewhere and having my workshop just for hobby and/or doing some private projects. Of course I will love to visit any workshops in London or around! I know it may sound quite strange this post, it's just that I though trying this way may be a shortcut as I already been almost 7 years without finding much.
I don't want to make this post much longer so any questions please just ask.