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    Default MM211 w/spoolmate 100

    I'm a newbie with my spoolmate 100, have used a spoolmatic 30A on my MM251 though. I am having a major problem with the recomended settings on the MM211 for aluminum, after a few burnt tips and reading some threads on here, I now see this is a common problem. After some practice I have figured out what I can work with. Has anyone seen an updated setting chart for the MM211 and spoolmate 100?

    I am welding mostly 1/8" and 1/4", using 4043 and 100% argon.

    MM 251
    MM 211
    Spoolmate 100
    Miller 30FX ArcStation
    Hypertherm PowerMax 45

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    Haven't seen one. I usually go 2 steps higher on the wire speed and work it down to the sweet spot and don't burn many tips.
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    Mine was pretty much dead on
    Ed Conley
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    Don't know how big of parts you are welding but try a little preheat from a propane torch. It should run like butter...Bob
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