I read a lots of discussion regarding whether or not to buy an older Dialarc because they are so power hungry and also what size of circuit breaker is needed to run the Dialarc. Dialarcs are great machines and some folks tend to bypass buying them for a smaller machine thinking they don't have the power requirements to run it. They then end up with a smaller machine that has a less stable arc and can only run up to 1/8" rods. I have a Dialarc 250P AC/DC stick machine that I bought new in 1983. Great machine even after 28 years. Mine has power factor correction (PFC) so it draws less amperage than a non PFC model when loaded up. At any rate, I run mine at 230 VAC on a 40 amp breaker. I've never had the machine trip a breaker albeit I never run anything larger than an 1/8" E7018. If the Dialarc doesn't have the PFC most likley a 50 amp breaker would work for burning rods up to 1/8". I would far sooner run an 1/8" rod on a Dialarc than on a small buzzbox type of machine. Just thought I would share this as it may help someone to decide not to pass up that good-ole Dialarc for a smaller less desirable machine.