Hi guys, here is my latest project. I've taken some photos through it's life cycle, excuse the long thread but I'm quite happy with how this one is turning out.

I haven't done the woodwork yet, but the frame is done now. The finished table will have either inlaid slats, flush with the top frame, leaving a 38mm stainless steel border around the wood, or it will have the slats sitting ontop of the frame- have not yet decided which I want to do.

The table will live in a coastal location close to waves breaking on a headland, there's a fair amount of salt in the air so 316 grade was the call.

I cut and welded the top frame in about 2/3rds of a day, cut and tacked the legs over a couple of hours and just finished welding the legs in place and grinding down/flushing the welds, which took me 4 hours or so. It wasn't the quickest process but i've probably spent about 12 hours on it so far.

I had a few issues with getting the frame nice and flat which member HAWK helped me out with in PM's, so a big thanks to you mate. The diagonals came out to within 1mm and when placed on a flat surface the frame rocks maybe 1-2mm which is acceptable for this project.

All the welding was done with 2.6mm 316L electrodes on a DC stick inverter, running at about 70amps. I definately would like a MIG setup for future projects like this, I can imagine it would be much easier for tacking and keeping distortion under control, not to mention final grinding and flushing of the welds without having to worry about any slag inclusions etc.

anyway here are some pics. The first weld was shaky and irregular because with that box of electrodes, i was having some serious slag inclusion problems for some reason if i didn't weave excessively. All of todays welds with a fresh box of 316L rods didn't have any of the same problems, so maybe i can put that down to poor rod storage on the last lot (though I had the problem since the box was new so maybe a bad batch)

Sorry for the ramble i'm just happy with the way it's turning out, can't wait to get the wood cut and in place and christen it with some seaside beers

Top frame getting welded (tacked it up on the concrete slab) :

Legs going on:

Finished frame:

Would love to hear your opinions on what you think the best looking setup for the wooden slats would be (inside and flush with the frame, sitting ontop of the frame, etc)

thanks for reading!