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    Default Fillet Size Calculation


    I am designing for 20mm with 25mm T-joint. what will be the throat size? and how much load that particular weld area can carry? bcoz i will lift the job with over hoist. wt of the job will be 2 ton...

    Can any one help me?

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    How long is this joint? On plate that thick it wont need a lot for that weight, usually 3/8 or 1/2 but there are other factors.

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    First of all many thanks

    I am using rectanguler block of 80 X 80 X 20mm thk.. Weld all around. there any standard formula for calculating leg length and throat thickness.

    1. Z = a x sqrt 2
    2. .707 x t = Leg length

    These formula i know but i refer so many drgs but all the time i am getting different sizes of weld.

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    This website may help. Look down the left hand column for joint design, etc.

    Good Luck,


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    We really need a photo or a drawing.

    Welds in shear ??

    In general If a rod is E7018 it means 70,000 lbs tensile strength PER INCH.
    You need a set of welding inspection guages for measuring the throat of a weld.
    The width of a weld is about two rods wide with the flux coating on.

    There are other factors.
    Never stand under ANY load being lifted.

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