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    Quote Originally Posted by root View Post
    Cool. Thanks for the input. The TA185 looks interesting. I hadn't seen it before. So I guess I have it narrowed down to the following (prices general based on quick searches).

    1. Passport Plus ~$1550 with spoolgun (minus current $100 rebate)
    2. TA185 ~$2350
    3. Dynasty 200 DX ~$3250 for machine + "kit"

    Part me thinks I should get a TIG because I may want to do more, and then I'd end up having to buy one later. There have been many times I've bought something that did what I needed at the time only to kick myself later as I have a need which the tool wasn't capable of handling, so I ended up "upgrading" and losing money in the process. On the other hand, maybe the Passport Plus really can do everything I need. But I don't know if I can judge that until I can really weld myself and start playing around
    but then you can just say "Well honey I know I bought this but I need a new one to build you a nice... coffe table!" bla bla bla "Oh you dont drink coffe?"

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    I bought the 200DX with the kit and it set me back a pretty penny. I really had hoped I could buy just a MIG for all my needs.(if the Spoolmatic could comfortably weld Aluminum pipe)

    I would have loved to have bought the new Diversion TIG AND a Passport Plus for roughly the same price!

    Thanks for the advice,

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    would have loved to have bought the new Diversion TIG AND a Passport Plus for roughly the same price!

    that would be a nice combo, but the Diversion + with stick option and the passport + with spool gun will be even better.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped

    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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    So true, so true. Might have to sell the Dynasty and get the Diversion 165 plus and the Passport Pro or MM212 (about the same price). You know the SG100 will work with the big machine, but is limited to the lower amps. SG100 is pretty much the 3035 with 8ft less welding cable/hose.

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