I work in a Fab shop where we make custom liquid filtration systems out of Steel and Stainless steel. We have been TIG welding everything, where our biggest vessel was 24 dia. recently our sales people started selling 36"-48 dia. Vessels, so it was time to start looking at MIG welding. We bought the Miller Pipe Works 400! WOW! Awesome! Ran a 40 lb spool of .035 er70s6 with the MIG, and a good 20lbs of 3/32 steel TIG rod. Now looking at the Stainless features and just put a 40 lb spool of 316 L .035 wire and an argon try mix on to play with. Pretty happy with the Spray transfers and short arc, but still a lot to learn, as I have never run stainless wire. Anyone else have experience with this machine and its features?