Havent been around in a while but am back for some opinions. I'm building a push bar similar to a "Bull Bar" for my '06 f-150 2-WD. It's got a level kit and 33's on it and I want the bar to give it a little more atitude. I'm gonna use 4'' pipe but the question is should I use schedule 40 or shedule 10? By my calculations the sched 40 would weigh in at just shy of 40lbs and the sched 10 at half that. I plan on compleatly sealing them and threading in an air hose connection and use it as an air tank too.

I'm concerned the sched 40 (1/4'' wall) may cause the springs to sag, making daddy quite unhappy I dont plan on realy hitting anything so im thinking the sched 10 (1/8'' wall). If anyone has any spring rates that would be helpful or any opinions I would gladly listen.