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Thread: tig welder help

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    Default tig welder help

    i am in the market for a new tig welder but not sure on what type to buy. i have never tig welded before.i have been looking on ebay at the syncrowave250,maxstar300dx,xmt304cc,miller dynasty200dx. i will be welding from 24ga up to 1/4 inch. i would like to be able to weld mild,and stainless steel and aluminum . also i have noticed some have coolers and some dont .please let me know what you think would be a all around good tig welder.thanks

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    Please state your budget and your intended use. Hobby or for business?
    This will help with the selection.
    Millermatic Passport Plus
    Millermatic 200

    Millermatic 350P with Python
    XMT 304 /w S-64 feeder and 12VS
    Dynasty 300 DX
    Thermal Arc 400 MST
    Victor O/A
    Premier Power Welder for my trail junk.

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    Default what type tig welder

    crawler i have no budget and it will be mainly for home use .but i want it to be able to handle different projects .such as stainless steel tool box to a alum trailer.what i dont want to find is that i bought one that will not do these things .thanks

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    I was in your posistion a couple of months back. I struggled between the Dynasty 200DX and Syncrowave 250DX. From a cost perspective (if you have get everything as I did, such as torch, cooler, etc.) the Dynasty 200 ends up being a little cheaper. PM me if you want a spread sheet with all the options for both and analysis.

    In the end I went with the (Syncrowave with both pulser and sequencer options) since it has more power, higher duty cycle, and I'll be doing a good bit of 1/4" and little of 3/8".

    I was new to TIG, but the Syncrowave really makes it easy. I'd love a Dynasty primarily for the frequency adjustment, but I don't really need it, but we all know how that goes....

    For your purpose the Syncrowave 250 is tried and proven. If you can get by with less power the Dynasty would be the better choice in my opinion - lighter (portable), requires less input amps (portable and eaiser to install - no need for 125amp disconnect as you'll need for Syncrowave), uses new technology (although some have this as a negative because cost to repair is higher), and also proven in the field.

    I searched for used for several months, then just went new (from LWS given they got to within 10% of on-line prices).

    Of course, there is this on E-bay at the moment -
    Syncrowave 250DX

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