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although many will argue with this, i don't see any good reason to buy a 110v mig unit. I have used a 110v lincoln and it was just frustrating, for a few bucks more you get the 220, and you can weld just about anything you will wan't to considering you're purchasing an entry level unit. With the 110v you will always be compensating in some way to get by with the reduced power. Keep in mind that if 100-200 dollars is what your friend is hung up on, he will be spending alot more on gas, wire, helmet etc. Once he gets the 220 he will have far greater capability for very little extra money.
This is what we try to tell people that are looking to purchase their first welder.

Spend a little extra (not much extra is you buy a refurb HH187) and wire up a 230v circuit. A Millermatic 140 will cost more than a refurb HH187.

110v units are great to have when you have another 230v welder for thicker materials....