I have wanted a stainless steel burner / boiler for a while now. Hot salty water ruins all the steel ones with time and they eventually need to be replaced. I am hoping this one will last a while because it is built with 304L stainless.

This is actually the second one I made and will be a gift for my father-in-law who taught me how to boil these hot and tasty Louisiana crawfish (I grew up in the mountains in California and always thought "crawdads" were just good for bait, until I moved here).

The flame this bad boy puts off is intense and can boil a 100 quart pot of seasoned water in just a few short minutes. In fact, it can easily turn the rungs of the burner glowing orange.

(And I'm sure I'll get comments about the glass table... haha. I was desperate for a good flat surface for tacking as I have not completed a welding table just yet.)

The Miller 211 worked like a champ. I am using 0.030" 308L with 98% argon 2% CO2. My heat and wire speed settings varied a little on some of the thin pieces, but I was able to achieve spray settings quite easily welding the 3/8" round stock. There was almost no splatter. I was very pleased with the little amount of clean-up needed.