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Check you hood for "leaks".....hold it up to a light or towards the sun etc.....check to see if any light is coming it around the lens....some have had this problem....another thing about the HF hood is it's short.....what I mean is the bottom part doesn't go down as far as others do so watch the angle of your head.....and a bright colored shirt can reflect under the hood and cause what happened to you.....I have the Northern tool cheap helmet as well as a Hobart....they both work fine the Hobart is more comfortable to wear and is clearer......the NT doesn't need to be turned on so I like that as I have a few times forgot to turn on the Hobart.....no worries as Broccoli stated you are protected in the "clear" stage....

will do so Zmike.
I suspect now that you mention it, that might be a problem if it were leaking in that manner.
all in all as I said the bargain hood performed well. course I was trying to use the insert glass for a standard hood at first, just the glass!! kinna hard to tack with the right hand and hold the glass with the left. ( bad practises I know)

+1 for the HF hood