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    Default four wheeler trailer axles

    wanna build a trailer to pull behind ranger / four wheeler. what to use for axles that will fit four wheeler rims / tires?

    wanna use four wheeler tires to keep from rutting up roads.



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    Try these guys,

    They have all kinds of drive axles, maybe a set of hubs and a stick of hardened rod from the bearing supply would be better, I do not know for your skills which is better.


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    Default Hubs, not an axle...

    I don't think you need to go all out with an axle you just need to get the correct hubs and connect them to the frame. For a trailer like that (for off road use only) the need for a true axle is not that important...IMHO. Look at what is out there for purchase and go from there. Stubs and some hubs.

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    Thumbs up wheels & hubs

    Check with some of your local shops that do repairs on ATVs, not necessarily dealerships but independant mechanic shops(but don't rule out dealerships either). They may have what you need in the form of parts left over from wrecked ATVs or some they modified for someone. Axle spindles from a wrecked front end would have the bearings, races, hubs, tires and rims. You may be able to replace front wheel rims with rear wheels rims from same manufacturer for a bigger tire size. Check with them in thier scrap parts bin and something may turn up you can use. If you can, show up in person, tell them what your wanting to build and they might "Hook You Up" with what you need.(for a price) Probably be better than taking a chance with what you might get on internet sites, and you can walk out with your parts today. Using front end parts like this instead of a rear axle will allow you the flexibility of design to make the trailer as wide or narrow as you want or if you can get two matched pairs you could make it a tandem axle trailer for bigger loads if needed. If you get some from the same type of machine your riding it may also give you the advantage of having spare tires along on the trail in a pinch.

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    I saw that Northern tool has a small trailer on sale that uses the wheels and tires your looking for.

    Get that and use what you need.
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