First off to Welder---guy,thank you for your honesty and humility.Your values proceed you.
To Dustyhaze75,I am just taking a cub cadet lawn tractor and rearranging afew things,but am mostly going to use whats there.
I used to race Dwarf cars which are 1/5 scale of old roadsters (ledgen cars with no fenders),so I have some knowlage of frame work.
1) gases=what pressures should I set them at?
2) anyone know where I can pickup a wisconsin VG4D engine? Can't start any fun prodjects untill I finish my skidsteer.
3) my biggest problem right now is keeping a straight bead.I seem to lose the edge and vear off to side.When I look at what I just did and sometimes I am not even close to where I started. any tips here?
Thats enough for now more to come,thanx Dusty