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Thread: Gate Project

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    Default Gate Project

    I've been Jonesing to break out the welding station again and tick off the neighbors with the grinders. So I got to work on the semi-privacy gates between my house and my neighbors. When I bought the place, there was only chainlink fencing. That stuff is an abomination in my opinion. So I got a load of tubing and got started.

    My design is a frame of 2" tubing. Originally, that tubing was 11 gauge. That idea quickly changed to 16 gauge. I like using 4" for posts too even though that's probably overkill. It just looks cool.

    Since I like incorporating wood and metal together in my projects, I decided to use angle iron for mounting some finished cedar with carriage bolts.

    I also thought if you were going to make something that looks like a few thousand bucks, why use that cheesy Stanley gate hardware? My hinges are barrel hinges that are a double design so that the gate fully opens, but I had to connect them to keep them from acting independently. The door locks are mortised storm door locks.

    They function like someone who knows what they are doing made them. I don't know what went wrong. Ha! I'm happy with them.
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    and this heavy duty table I made

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