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    Default My first real welding project(in a long time)

    So here's a security gate I built for my detached garage. The building has been divided into two, one half is going to be a shop and the other will be a studio/man cave with a/c and carpet,etc. A couple of weks ago I was in there doing some drywall work when I noticed a dent on the door. Turns out someone tried(may have succeeded, but there was nothing to steal) to pry the door open. So I had to take immediate action. Used my maxstar 140 to stick weld it (need lots of practice).IMG_0685.jpgIMG_0687.jpg

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    Default Long story short...well not so short.

    I was up till 3am one night with a bud wrenching in the garage with a friend before 4-wheeling trip. At 6am we got up to leave, went to the garage to find that some geniuses tried to pry the little man door open with a screwdriver. They must have been watching for us to go inside and figured we werenít coming back for a while. Lucky for me that he popped the strike plate out too far and got the edge of the door caught and gave up. Needless to say the door got blocked shut buy 2x12ís and 6Ē screws until we got back. I was a bit apprehensive leaving town on that note but I went anyway. Glad I did, because we canít let them win. Now I even mow the lawn with a side arm.

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    Nice work on the gate Cgarcia, super clean job, looks fantastic!


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