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    Quote Originally Posted by Anti-GMAW View Post
    Out of every tool and machine in a shop that can kill or mame you acetylene is usualy the most dangerous thing you will find.
    I agree BIG time..

    But I've got this brother-in-law that could be a close second...

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    Default Done, and done

    OK, Jim, I took your advice. Acetylene gauges are not well positioned, but can be viewed. I finally got around to doing the initial task that prompted purchase of the setup (dewarpifying the frame of another project). Thank you for the suggestion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fishy Jim View Post
    Do yourself a favor and rotate your acetylene tank 180 degrees to get the regulator out of the path of danger. You don't want that valve subject to anything falling on it, and right now you've added a lever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnotherDano View Post
    I agree BIG time..

    But I've got this brother-in-law that could be a close second...
    90% of the time the guys I work with a re very profesional and safe about there jobs but it seems like none of them know safe tank handling practices. Out of all the stupid things I've seen peeple do with pressure cylinders and fuel gases the guys in my shop seem to be the worst!

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    Nice , I think it is way over built . Just kidding , real nice work . Murphy can get you when you least expect it . Dan
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