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    hey i did not mean it that way! but sorry but anyways welcome to the miller fourm
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    Post busy...busy..........busy

    sounds like you got alot of work to do. sounds like fun. what size tubing can you bend? how do you fishmouth your tubing? what do they usually use for power plants in airboats? I can't imagine the power plant and propeller being cheap. What a ride that would be.......... 900cc mini buggy, wow, you'll have to put a sign on it that says " MUST SIGN WAIVER BEFORE TEST DRIVE" LOL. you must be putting alot of thought process into the suspension. the garden rover sounds very interesting. I don't know much about cub cadets. most of the work ive done with hydraulics have been on large equiptment. case/bobcats being about the smallest. If I had a choice between changing a hydrostatic motor on an excavator or on a bobcat, I'd pick the excavator. case/bobcats are compact little son of a _______, a real treat to work on. I couldn't imagine working on them all day long. the front and rear tires on the left side are conected with a massive chain, the same for the right side, each side having it's own hydrostatic motor. so to get a hydrostatic motor out you have to split the chain. here's the catch..............
    the small rectangle access hole has only enough room for 1 arm or a flashlight, being you have to reach down so deep, up past your elbows and armpits. the walls on the sides of the chain are also narrow. making it hard to remove the chain with normal tools. so there you are, blind, one armed, and toolless. after the chain you still have to take the motor out, the same hole. while making sure the chain doesn't back off the rear sprocket. it's not hard just a pain in the ***. pulling a main hyd. pump out of an excavator out in the bush seemed easier. we would put a garbage bag over the hyd. filter, plug it back in and it would act like a plug. making it possible to remove the pump without draining the whole hyd. reservoir. remove hoses and lines and bolts and she's out. The hardest part is the angle at which the pump slides out, it's an awkward hoisting angle. usually an extension is made to fit a fork on a fork lift. putting it back in, now thats anouther chapter. I havent been in my shop (or should I say shed lol) since x-mass. I think hanging all the x-mass lights killed me. you got me motivated, I think Ill spend the day out there tomorrow. I'd like to learn more about the prodjects your planning on doing. I very interested in tube benders and notchers. I just don't have the room yet. the plan is to make things out of aluminum to raise the money for the bender and notcher. then I'll get into making frames. then comes all the sheet metal tools like english wheels etc. etc. the list will never end. then comes the big tools CNC machines etc. then mabey one day I'll have my fedex moment, riding my dream bobber all the way to the Barret Jackson auction. sound like a pipe dream? lol well it's my pipe dream...............the bender is my dream rait now lol....then comes the bike. once I'm back to work it should only take 4 - 6 months to save up for my bike. I plan to weld on the side as well. I hope it goes that smooth. you know what would go huge up here in B.C.? river jet boats. tourism is huge money here. pontoon boats are also a good idea for this area with the thousands of lakes around. I was checking out this site looking at the suspension.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dusty019 View Post
    Thanx for all the come backs. Sorry about the spelling,new laptop,and I usally ask the wife to type things for me. Will try my best.
    I tried to use spell check and things went all weird.
    I have a Hobart 175 and Oxy\Acce. Tube bender,pipe bender,in process of building a 30" brake.
    Have been on Hobart forum and they seemed to be a bit hi-browed for me,no offence.
    Some of the projects I will be under taking- airboat,minibuggy (900cc) ,Garden rover for wife using hyrostatic trans from Cub Cadet with dump body. As well as honey do's.Thanx again ladies and gents,looking forward to your input,Dusty
    Welcome. You future projects are my kind of meat. If you can put a motor
    on it, then it's cool. Back in the 70s I built a hovercraft with plans from Universal Hovercraft. It was neet to build, but very impractical for where I lived. Sold it to the first guy who saw it. Be sure to post pics of your projects. I'm getting really bored of BBQs made out of old drums.
    Be sure to visit our projects gallery. Lots of good stuff there. Its in the green box top right of page.
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    welcome, and dont worry about the typing, most of us use our hands to repair, weld or build things, not type Lots of smart people here, good info and being a machinist Im sure we'll have questions for you
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    Welcome, I too am terrible at typing and hate computers, but then again I'm only a welder/mechanic. This forum has a wealth of knowledge on it and some of the best people you could ever hope to meet. Machinists are a viable asset here WELCOME

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    Welcome Dusty, When it comes to typing, I use the H&P method. It works the best for me and less chance over any other method of misspelling words. It is also known as the one finger Hunt & Peck method

    Hope to see lots of pictures of your projects

    What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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