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    Default Welding galvanize pipe to steel.

    I have a project and reading on most of the dangers of galvanize welding its a blessing for me to know that i did not know the dangers untill i read about it here. I need to weld galvanize pipe to steel. I plan to use a TIG but not sure. I have a Tig/Stick Lincoln welding machine. I also have a Mig wire feed. I don't know what tipe of filler to use if i'm useing the Tig. Please help?

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    Galvanized steel is still steel. It's just got a very thin zinc coating on it. You can grind it off with a flap wheel in the area you'll be welding. In any case, use a respirator and you'll be fine.

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    Default Electrodes

    Thank you much Jack Olsen for the info. I currently have E6011,7018,and 6011. Can i use any of the electrodes that i have to weld galvanize to steel?

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    All of those will work fine for stick. You mentioned you wanted to use TIG, but if you don't grind all the galvanized off it will contaminate your tungsten in a heartbeat.
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    Default Thank you so much guys.

    Nocheepgas, thank you for the info.

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    Just grind off the galvanized where you will be welding & you can use either tig or stick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laresmojica View Post
    Thank you much Jack Olsen for the info. I currently have E6011,7018,and 6011. Can i use any of the electrodes that i have to weld galvanize to steel?
    The 6011 would be the best choice.
    It is used when fencing companies make welds on galvanized fencing.

    I would not use your TIG torch. If you use your TIG torch, even though you may have ground the zinc from the surface it will pop and sputter and make a MESS out of your TIG torch. If your TIG torch has a gas lens(screen) then you can kiss that good bye because if the galvanized coating pops, small balls of metal will get stuck to the gas lens screen and when you try to strike an arc with your TIG torch in the future the arc will try to arc to the small balls of metal stuck to the gas lens screen.

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    I would do it as simple as I could, tig would be my last choice, 6011 if in the field, wire in the shop.

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