Page 9 of my Manual describes the process to set the trigger method as below

Trigger Methods Choose between:
Standard (remote amperage and output control), which is the factory default, or Lift Arc Panel Control (for use without a remote control or with remote amperage but without output control).
The trigger method that was active when the machine was last turned off will be active when unit is turned back on. To change trigger method, enter set-up mode as illustrated:

I have a RCCS-6M Thumb controller with current control and contactor. Which way should I set the Maxstar to use the RCCS-6M.?

What is the difference between the 2 models, given that it seems both modes will provide remote amperage control?

(It's the with remote amperage but without output control note above the confuses me as I thought remote amperage was output control )

IAppreciate the help - It's working now so I won't mess with it - but I'd like to understand the real difference in the 2 modes. Not knowing things just bothers me