I got out my K4000 and some 3/16 air arcing rods yesterday and worked with it for the first time. I donít have anyone around to show me the ropes so, I have to learn on my own. Naturally, I have a few questions.

I ran the 3/16 rods at from 175 to 250 Amps on my TB302 in electrode positive. My compressor is 175cfm rotary screw Ingersol-Rand. I have no idea how much air I was putting out, but Iím sure it was enough. One of my questions is can you use too much air?

At 250 Amps, everything started out fine, but the rod began to glow red at the tip and before long, it would grow to about an inch long and would no longer hold an arc. The rod also tended to glow red near the holder. BTW, am I supposed to clamp the non-coated end? I thought I was running too hot, so I backed down to 225, 200 and then 175. The rod didnít glow as much, but the arc wasnít as good.

I uncoiled my cables so I would have any inductance issues. The TB302 lugged down a bit at 250 Amps, but not too bad and my 1/0 cables didnít even get warm.

Any feedback would be appreciated.