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    Default Electrodes and Filler for Chromoly 4130 (1.0 - 1.7 thickness)

    Can someone recommend which electrodes and filler to best weld 4130 Chromoly? I have never used this and making a run to the supply store.

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    ER70S-2 and ER80S-D2, in that order
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    I agree the ER70S-2 is the best choice all things considered. You can read a lot about this subject all over the internet.

    Make sure to pass a flame over the weldment prior to welding just to make sure there is no moisture present.

    It may look dry, but when you heat it just a little (200F), you will see moisture beads appear then quickly dry up. Then is the time to weld. Outside air temp should be around 70F
    Also if it is tubing make sure there is no machining oil left inside the tube or it will drain towards the weld. Make sure the tubing is sanded before welding. Not grinded -SANDED.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donald Branscom View Post
    Make sure the tubing is sanded before welding. Not grinded -SANDED.
    A grinding wheel, sanding disk or belt can be made from aluminum oxide, carborundum, silicon carbide . . . etc. What is the difference between using a hard wheel or a cloth-backed abrasive?
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