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    Dec 2007
    Crete Illinois

    Default Custom

    All I can say is CUSTOM!!!!!!!
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    Oh guys are too picky That was prolly a grade eight bolt scabbed in there for filler...who knows what other tricks only the builder knew to use for engineering such a marvel
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    Get This Guys My Wife WHO Doesn't know anythig about welding. Her Words WERE Wow thats just stupid! What kinda of Idiot would even buy a piece of JUNK! Hee Hee Never a truer word spoken!
    I have what my Big Bro JESUS has Blessed me with:
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    Holy ............junk! LOL

    Inferno Forge


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    Mar 2007
    Vero Beach, fl.

    Default progress update

    I cut out the crap on the right side (passenger) and got it all cleaned up. As I cut the one side of this diagonal brace loose it simply fell out as the welds on the other side were nothing more than a big glob of bird turd. I've got some of the new pieces cut and will get them in place today. Dave
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    If necessity is the Mother of Invention, I must be the Father of Desperation!

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    so how long do you have to paint this gem......turd, before the show ?? have you got time to rebuild the hole thing before the show ??
    better keep track of the time you put in, no telling what might happen when the guy that sold it see's it. you are getting $$ for the weld repair work right.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped

    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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    i dont know much about cars, but dang it looked like crap. i agree also keep track of time on that thing

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    Nov 2007
    Appleton WI

    Default Boot to the head!!!!!

    OK. I weld for a living but it's mostly diameter restoration on ink rolls for printing presses. I wouldn't even try to compare my skills to any of you guys. I'm an ex Ford mechanic of 10 yrs. and found more money when I took this job. I welded as a hobby before that. But my point is I consider myself an amateur for the most part, but I still couldn't weld as bad as that idiot even if I tried. He might as well have duct taped that car together. In fact, that might just be an improvement. Maybe Elmer's glue. When I was wrenching for a living, that POS never would have made it in the shop. That steering linkage is just plain stupid. The Moron that out that thing together needs to have the possible consequences of his actions explained to him/her. putting that kind of work on the road is simply inexcusable. If you're going to learn how to weld, don't learn on something you plan on driving down the highway.

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    Oct 2007


    I admire your work ethic, but you are still polishing a turd.
    Tim Beeker,
    T-N-J Industries
    (my side bussiness)

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    lots of hand grinders
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    beer fridge

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    Default Horrible welds and engineering

    Quote Originally Posted by dabar39 View Post
    don't laugh too hard.
    It's alwasy amazes me how long some things will last with horrible welds jobs done and outragous ideas. After some of these engineering jobs fail, some good welder will be asked, What happened and can you fix the problem?" Then that poor welder will set back and ask why in the **** did someone do something like this and now wants me to fix their crap. You're right, some people shouldn't be allowed to come up with ideas like this let alone attempt to weld junk like this but at least these pictures are cheaper to laugh at that paying to listen to a stand up comedian.

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