Hey guys,

Iím new to this forum, hoping you guys can help.
I work for a race series in Canada where individuals can fabricate and weld their own roll cages. So the cage builder may or may not be a professional welder.
In the past we only asked the following with respect to welding.

Guidance on welding:
All welding must be of the highest possible quality with full penetration and preferably using a gas shielded arc. They must be carried out along the whole perimeter of the tube. Although good external appearance of a weld does not necessarily guarantee its quality, poor looking welds are never a sign of good workmanship.

So our only method for checking quality of welding is by visual inspection.

Iím looking at possibly having the cage builder submit a sample of their welding to a professional inspection facility to ensure that the builder knows how to do proper welds. I know this doesnít ensure that all welds on the cage are done right, but itís a step forward in ensuring the cages are better built.

The sample would be two pieces of 1.75"x.095" ERW or DOM mild steel tubing welded in a T shape.

What I need to know is what kind of inspection should be done to ensure that this sample piece is properly welded?