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    Default Power caster

    After a photo of my power caster was posted in the project photo section, there appears to be some interest by viewers for more information. I'll be happy to post rudimentary plans and measurements, if anyone desires it.

    I built this small battery operated power caster about 30 years ago. This gadget has come in handy for moving a 10'X6' utility trailer with 5' sides full of firewood and a large wood splitter around the yard and on the street. I call it my 1x1 'cause I got tired of a neighbor that is, always, bragging about his 4x4.

    Didn't have any plans... just started cutting and welding. Power is a small Superwinch. Drive wheel is from a wheel barrow. I, purposely, chose the smooth tread to function as a clutch, so as not to strip out gears inside the winch when pulling (and stopping) heavy loads. Forward/reverse switch is mounted on the handle. The vertical pipe coupler inserts into a slightly larger pipe bracket that is bolted, via a couple of u-bolts, to the tongue of the towed unit.

    The eyebolt and large washer on top of pipe coupler locks the 1x1 to the tongue bracket, so the tongue can't slip up and off. This type of fixed coupler was chosen over a ball coupler, due to the instability of the ball type when using a single drive wheel. If a ball were used on a single wheel, the unit would just topple over from the weight of the trailer tongue, resulting in total loss of control.
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