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    Talking another question????????

    I have a welding helmet with a standard lens, i find it too dark for mig welding. Anyone has a suggestion on what lens to use for mig welding??

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    Quote Originally Posted by walterjacque View Post
    I have a welding helmet with a standard lens, i find it too dark for mig welding. Anyone has a suggestion on what lens to use for mig welding??
    If you are using a #10 filter, suggest you purchase the next two lighter filters to try. Also suggest you, seriously, consider an auto-dark helmet, which has a method to vary the filter shade. Suspect that once you have used an auto-dark, you won't go back.

    What is your age? Is it possible you are having near focus problems that interfere with seeing the puddle?

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    Default Good advice above..

    Can't say anymore the advice from goodhand sums it up.

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    better lighting in the shop can help a lot also. but getting the proper shade for the job at hand is a must. the auto hoods are great for this as its like having 8 hood's to chose from to get the right shade.
    Goodhand's advice is dead on. best to have the right lens to keep you from straining your eyes they are the only set you get, invest in a good hood to protect them. i have had my BWE for almost 7 years now, so thats about $33.oo a year to see not only safely but comfortably.
    P.S. i expect to get many more years use out of it as its going strong and looking great.....well time to change the battery's, but its still working great.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped

    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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    Try some different brands of filter lenses. There are different quality lenses out there and they make a big difference. You can also buy different tints, including green, more of a goldish, or even red. The difference between two different shade 10 lenses can be jaw dropping.

    Just to cover the bases, is you lense and, cover lenses clean?
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    use caution going lighter. I have a huntsman 10.5 that is not near dark enough. It will smoke your eyes welding mig with it but works great for stick.

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