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    Default Finally got my welding/work table finish.

    My buddy gave me the cart which had a wooden top and the pieces of 1/4" plate, as payment for some work I did for him. It already had the wheels and the drawer on the right side on it when he gave it to me. I welded some tabs on to mount the gray drawer cabinet. The plate is actually diamond plate but, I like the smoother surface better, so I flipped the over and welded then to the top. The vice jaws are 4"s wide and I've had it open to 5"s, sure it will go a little more. The top of the frame and legs are made of 1.5" square tubing, which I'm sure is not just thin walled, cause its heavy. The bottom is made of 1", final measurements come to 36.5"s tall x 28"s deep x 48"s wide. I'm really happy with the finished product it turned out to be. Also, on the undersides of the left and right side top frame rails, I welded on a piece of 1.5" angle iron for ground clamp tabs.

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    Looks like a great workspace, nicley organized. It's nice having it mobile.


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    Very nice need to secure the tank before someone gets hurt.

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    very nice work.. i second what Nick said. now build a cart for the welder and bottle.
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    Looks very useful. The drawers keep the grinding dust out of the power tools .

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