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    Feb 2008

    Default Very nice !

    Hey BadDog,

    First time on this site. Nice project, especially the paint job! I always hassle my neighbor for his use of pastels on his projects, so sent link to him to let him know he's not the only deranged person out there.

    Just purchased used MAX II 6x6 [very used - circa 1974] that turns out was shipped to Alaska by factory. It has a homemade plow - aluminum blade w/ steel scraper on bottom - but the support bracket much simpler than yours since the MAX II has framework extending ahead of wheels.

    Judging by your pix [SlideShow very nice touch !] of your shop area, it appears the DIY'ers in Alaska rival those in Australia / New Zealand : we've gotten a lot of posts from down-under, where a common name for their shops are "BeerSheds." Wonder how they got that name ?

    Anyway, best to you, mate. Bruce L

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    Dec 2005
    markham, ontario, canada


    that is awesome.. very nicely made.. home brew stuff is always best
    Nick Leinonen

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    Feb 2008


    Nice pics! How/What did you use to shape the plow?

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    Jan 2008

    Default sorry for so late on reply

    JIML .. We Used my friends 1968 2 1/2 ton shop truck with 12 ton boom, we put the propane tank on the ground, each edge on a piece of angle Iron, and pressed down with one of the hydraulic outriggers, to flatten the tank. just working with what we had on hand. if we had access to a big shop, we would have probably heat it up and use a big press.. but thats the only press we been plowing the heck out of that thing and everything is working awesome. if you look at the photos, go back a few folders, and look in the 2008 winter pictures, and you can see some of the stuff we have been plowing.. just plowed day before yesterday for about 6 or seven hours and 4-5 hours the day before, so the thing is built like a tank..

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