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Thread: truckbed

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    Jan 2008
    BC Canada

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    Congrats and well done on your test!! i just started my C ticket schooling almost 2 weeks ago and just waiting to get to the welding part but i'm lookin forwards to all those great tests!
    MillerMatic 175
    Cutting torch
    Arc Air
    Air compressor
    Home built Gas air compressor
    Makita Grinders
    Mazda Pickup
    Enough tools to start a bussiness but no money to do it with!

    Current Build List
    Truck mounted Welding Skid
    Welding cable spools (Shell Ryn design)

    Saving For
    Vantage 400
    Dynasty 300
    Suitcase Extreme 12VS

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    haslet, TEXAS


    thats a good looking rig you got set up. I like the tank holders, aint notheing comeing out of those. should have painted it blue to match the good looking machine there. good luck with your buissnes hope you make it!!


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    murphy nc

    Default going for test

    well i am thinking about going for another test this time it will be on 2in pipe in 6g for pipefixers in chattanooga tenn. it will be on the 27 0f this month my teacher says that he will take me a long to test he thanks i will past by the way i am welding now. have to tackweld in 4 places then a 6010 root then 7018 cover

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    Oct 2007

    Default Flat Bed for 3500 (1ton)

    After a long time in the steel fab biz, I built a lot of truck equipment. Pickup racks to heavy & specialized stuff. The first thing I've noticed about the posts are......the designs are too heavy. I was in the structual steel and pressure vessel biz mainly. I had several 1 tons at a time for hot shot, deliveries and pulling goosenecks. I found that the beds should be built to suit the intended work to be done. Winch beds were a bit heavier to withstand the stresses caused by gin poles and moving heavy stuff. All others to be used for hauling welders, steel were built as light as possible to do the job.

    A plain flatbed was built with 3" Channel runners and 1x3x11ga X-Mbrs or 2x3x3/16" X-Mbrs. Sides were often 10 or 12" Jr C & The tail too. Cutouts for Lights & Tag fit nicely in this. I then used a 3" C drop down to a 3 or 4" x 6" TS for the bumper. I added a receiver tube properly supported to tow a bumper pull trailer. Lights & tool Boxes went below. as needed. The Headache Rack was usually 2x2x11Ga Sq TS with 3/4"x11ga Flattened Expanded metal.
    Sometimes I mounted the tag plus load lights on the Headache rack. I cutout a space of the 11ga Deck plate floor at each front corner and welded it on the bottom of the X-Members. This gave me a place to store chains, binders, wood blocks, a Sledge quickly and securely.

    Welder beds received a heavy smooth plate, IE: 1/2" in each back corner @ 18x24" as a place to weld, grind and use hard. Headache racks which were to be used to haul lots of long material would be built heavier depending on the expecter load. Near the back of each bed I set 2"x3/16" sockets on thebed runners, welded into the floor. This allowed me to insert a rack to support material such as 20' angles, tubing or beams. This was at the same height as the Headache Rack and kept the back material overhang above most following vehicles. (Put a flag on it anyway).

    Lots of other refinements will occur to you as you work on it. IE: tiedown attachment points. Take a look at other 1 ton beds. Get some ideas. Keep it light. If for a welding truck, remember you are only going to haul a limited amount of weight & don't need it to be extremely strong & heavy.

    Good Luck EdH

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    Near Great Smokies Ntl. Park


    Two Thumbs-up You did good job built on bed frame
    MillerMatic 211

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