New to TIG and getting decent with easy stuff on a bench using foot pedal. (I'll be welding Aluminum sheet, angle, and pipe (SCH 40) and some SS tube).

In my reading and research I've noticed many welders using a pulseing technique and I'd like to learn this. I've praticed with pulseing the foot pedal (and using the pulser of the machine), but in the end I won't be able to use a foot control, so I'd like to start using a torch mounted control, thus my question:

What torch mounted control do ya'll use?

I see 2 offered from Miller -

A- BRMS-14 Remote On/Off Control (14-pin plug)
Momentary-contact switch for contactor control. Rubber-covered pushbutton dome switch ideal for repetitive on-off applications.

B - RMLS-14 Remote Switch (14-pin plug)
Momentary and maintained-contact rocker switch for contactor control. Push forward for maintained contact and backward for momentary contact.

But my local LWS guy was clueless to the following questions:

Q1-do you have to hold down the button on the BRMS-14 switch? or is it a toggle - push it once for on-release and it stays on/then push again for off/etc. How exactly does it work.

Q2-on the RMLS-14 I assume the 'momentary' is spring loaded and it has to be held down for 'on', can anyone confirm? What happens if you just hold it down?

Q3-on the RMLS-14 if I push forward will the switch 'lock on'? So that to turn off I would push backward gently (else it would be 'momentary' on?).

Q4-what are the advantages/disadvantages from any of ya'll with real world expierience?

Thanks much