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    Default Pipe corral & fence

    I'm building a pipe corral and fence with horse wire attached. I am a fair welder with some (little) expierence in vertical and overhead welding and I am getting better with my torch and grinder at fitting. I use a Bobcat 250 and was interested in rod reccomendations as well as a starting place in setting my (new) machine. The pipe I'm using is 2.375" OD structural (reject new drill pipe) that is mildly rusty and is about .240 wall. Any advice from pros or serious amatures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Rods, etc.

    Welcome to the board!!!

    Your best bet for welding your drillstem fence would be 1/8" 6010 5p+ or 6011. The 6010 is better and the 6011 is more readlily available. Run either one at around 75A (reverse polarity) or 85A (straight polarity). These rods produce excellent penetration and will work fine on the rusty pipe.

    Good luck and pictures are always welcome here.

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    If you are close by I'd give you a bunch of 6010 to do it with, post you location in user CP, and being the nice guy I am would teach you how to weld pipe corral with it (on my own unfinished corral of course).

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    straight 6010 will work best. I have built literally miles of pipe fence. If it has little rust on it 6010 will work better than 5p+. I prefer uphill but that generally is only if you have the experience to do so.
    On a side note 5p+ will be easier to clean up of ou are going to paint the fence. Don't forget your ospho to prime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robphillips
    6010 will work better than 5p+.
    Not sure what you meant to type, but 6010 IS 5P+. I've got boxes of it in my consumables cabinet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Wolf View Post
    Not sure what you meant to type, but 6010 IS 5P+. I've got boxes of it in my consumables cabinet.
    nah, old school 6010 (5p) were red coated with asbestos in the flux. 5p+ is the new and improved version

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