I am thinking of making a small press brake for my shop press. Let me start by saying I am a weekend warrior with no real need for one, other than the fun of making it. I don't have a lot of access to scrap material and am trying to avoid buying new material if possible. As I provide specifics, I am looking for feedback on safety, feasibility, etc, and am not worried that the finished product will have limited usefulness. I am simply looking to kill some time in my garage, and not myself in the process. My biggest concern at the moment is whether or not the bottom plate is deep enough to be stable on the press. It fits, but is on the narrow side.

HTP Mig200

Shop Press:
Harbor Freight 12 Ton (yes I know it's small)

Material I have:
5x15x1/2 plate
2x2x.25 angle
1.5x1.5x.25 angle
.5x.5 square bar

Overall design thoughts:
The press will be 12" wide. The base plate will be 15" wide (15x4x.5 plate). In researching my thoughts are to use angle iron as the press and die. I've seen a few of these on the net. I have some 2x2x.25 angle for the bottom and 1.5x1.5x.25 for the top. The thought is to center the base angle on the plate and support it on each side with smaller pieces of angle. On each end I would put a piece of solid bar and a spring to keep the top centered and stable.

For the top I would weld some pipe to the top angle and weld a piece of small square bar inside the angle for the press to push down. I would attach a piece of pipe to the top of the bar to connect it to the press.

Here is some links to something similar to what I am thinking.



I appreciate all thoughts and feedback. Sorry for no drawings yet.